The Elements of a Brand Evolution

by Jeremiah Worth, Managing Director

When Is A Rebrand Evolutionary?

Change and evolution are not the same. Change doesn’t always require purpose or direction, it is most often self-propelled or hoisted upon you. On the other hand, evolution is the actualization of change, a generational advancement that adapts to the world around you. That’s why we proudly announce Element CG, a CG Life company, as an evolutionary advancement and re-imagined brand of The Market Element.

Element CG is a specialty life science and biopharma marketing agency, complementary to CG Life and its expanding platform of companies. The agency’s expertise positions the team as a brand activator for early-stage healthcare companies, and the team's extensive experience makes Element CG a totally unique partner for larger, established brands seeking to produce in better ways.

Element CG was born from CG Life, which has shown it is expanding its reach as an industry leader in healthcare marketing, as evidenced by its recent acquisition of Toolhouse. While CG Life is looking forward, its commitment to innovative, early-stage companies it has supported for over two decades is more critical than ever. That’s why the launch of Element CG was so vital.

A True Reflection of Our Growth

For the past decade, the Element CG team has helped life science organizations create, establish, and build their brands and expand their impact. The team has been ever-ready to evolve alongside the innovative clients they serve and readily willing and able to become a specialized “agency-within-an-agency” at the right hand of the innovator. 

That’s why we are so excited to continue engaging with people and companies at the beginning of their journey. We know the road they are going down and can provide strategic guidance and support at the scale they need because we’ve also walked that road. Plus we bring the full experience and expanding resources of the CG Life ecosystem. 

We know that Element CG has a role in helping ideas change the world. One person, one innovation, and one patient at a time. That’s the evolution in which we are all invested. That’s the evolution we all need.

Let's Get To Work.

We are ready to move your scientific brand forward.